The Content Marketing Connection

Modern consumers spend an enormous amount of time viewing content in a variety of digital formats from articles to videos, infographics to podcasts, and across numerous devices including mobile phones, tablets and traditional desktop computers. Brands are constantly competing for consumer attention wherever the target audience lives online by creating content that addresses consumer interests and solves their problems. This age-old marketing practice has evolved digitally to become Content Marketing, the act of creating and promoting unique content to achieve business results. Let’s explore content marketing for SEO purposes.

Creating and promoting content that is of genuine value helps establish your company as a trusted authority, both in the eyes of your audience and in the eyes of search engines like Google. Included below are 3 ways Content Marketing fits into your SEO strategy and helps you become the go-to in your industry:

1.Build Authority

Authority is one of the three pillars in our approach to SEO and an impactful influence on your website’s ranking. Offering relevant, timely and useful information to customers and prospects answers the needs of information thirsty consumers and is proven to enhance SERP rankings. Trusted, authoritative websites naturally earn inbound links from other sources citing them as useful. Google recognizes these signals and rewards websites for their quality content. This is the primary connection between Content Marketing and SEO, and just one reason why, if you’re not already, you should be integrating the two marketing tactics and utilizing Content Marketing for SEO benefits.

Creating & promoting genuine, valuable content establishes your company as an authority.

2. Link Acquisition

That leads us to our second way content assists with SEO. As mentioned, an impactful signal that Google looks for when it comes to rankings is the number and quality of other authoritative sites pointing to your website, specifically your content. By producing valuable content and promoting that content, your likelihood of acquiring links increases.

By producing valuable content and promoting that content, your likelihood of acquiring links increases.

3. Wider Net of Rankings

The third way that content can help your SEO efforts is by opening up doors for other related keywords and queries that your audience may be searching for… and that your website wouldn’t otherwise rank for. If you’re an online retailer who sells pottery, you may already rank for your key industry terms. However, by producing related content that your target audience may be interested in, such as ‘How to organize your open shelving’, you can promote your pottery, but also provide additional useful information that individuals would be searching for and that could ultimately garner your precious links from other sources.

Content + SEO = Perfect Match

Here to Stay

The tools and techniques of Search Engine Optimization are constantly evolving making it challenging to stay up-to-the-minute with the latest and greatest strategies and tactics. One thing is for sure though, Content Marketing is here to stay and a must when it comes to engaging clients, increasing your brand authority and building a robust SEO strategy.