NextLeft Earns Glowing New Review on Clutch

Finding the right SEO and content marketing strategy for your business can make a world of difference. Because only 75% of users scroll past the first page of search results, ranking on the top of search engines is key for your business’s lead generation efforts. As the digital landscape changes, NextLeft strives to remain at the top of our industry by providing research, content writing, and advice on digital strategy.

Furthermore, our creative team of marketing and search engine specialists works hard to get things done for customers. Given the importance of high-quality content on Google results, we take a great deal of care into our content services. That’s why we’re proud to highlight a recent new review on Clutch, an evaluation-based platform for B2B service providers. We earned five stars across the board for our SEO and content marketing work with Gwynedd Mercy University.

Content Marketing That Drives Results

Our team also improved the website, optimized search practices, and helped with social media.

Our efforts drove a 127% increase in traffic to the university’s website.

“NextLeft really understands their clients,” Kirsten Swanson, Assistant Director of Marketing, said. “They don’t just make changes in practice based on Google, instead, they take a deep dive into what will and won’t work for your organization. Their team crafts their services based on your goals and needs. They don’t provide one blanket service.”

It’s very exciting when clients leave us such great feedback on Clutch. Our work can also be found at The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, which connects businesses and clients through how-to guides, articles, and rankings. Visual Objects, another Clutch sister site, offers companies a portfolio-sharing site to display their work.

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

If you are looking to take your SEO and content to the next level, NextLeft can help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to talk about them at any time.

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About NextLeft

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I recently saw a stand-up comedy show where the comedian said about smartphones, “Who knew we would all be walking around with metal rectangles stuck to our hands?” and I thought, it can definitely seem that way sometimes. Everything is becoming digital and more of us turn to mobile devices for work, home and play.

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With its major milestone updates (think Penguin(s), Panda, Hummingbird, etc.) and constant minor ones, Google has drawn a hard line in the sand regarding SEO tactics and what they encourage and what they’re willing to tolerate for the time being. This is forcing domain and business owners to get more sophisticated and step up their game.

Google Right Side Ads Removed

Update: Since posting this article (yesterday!), there has already been new discovery as to how the new ad format will impact results and campaigns. put together an article on some of the findings so far (check it out here). What we found interesting? Position 3 actually had the most positive change as a result, with a 15% increase in CTR. Keep checking back for more details as we learn more.