One of the most common questions we get at NextLeft about SEO is “How long does it take for SEO to work?”. It’s true, SEO is not a quick-fix marketing tactic. When considering adding Search Engine Optimization to your marketing mix, your expectations need to be aligned with the reality of the tactic. You won’t see results in a matter of hours or, likely, even a matter of days. Instead, SEO is a diligent, on-going process that gradually improves your site’s rankings over time. So, how quickly does SEO take effect?

A good SEO project can take three months or more to begin showing a real impact, depending on a number of factors such as the age of your site, the inbound links you already have, the competitiveness of keywords, and the quality and frequency of new content. Other factors that determine how quickly (or slowly) you’ll see results include the relevance of your content to your audience (check out this recent article on the SEO connection with Content Marketing for more info) and whether your site has strong or weak domain authority.

Your website’s content has to be regularly refreshed and your keyword strategy tweaked according to market trends and performance metrics. This will help your site earn new links through discovered and promoted content. You’ll also need to make on-going updates in response to changes in search engine algorithms that make any page’s ranking susceptible to fluctuation over time.

Overall, it’s recommended that you make a commitment to ongoing SEO maintenance and focus on gradual, incremental improvements rather than a few structural fixes, a burst of link building, or a one-time content generation push. The former will lead to much more success in the long run.

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