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The Double-Sided Argument of Frequency Capping in Online Display

Frequency in digital media serves as both a tactic and a means of measure.  The media community has long believed in the concept of the “Rule of 3”*.  Some define this as 3 exposures required before a user takes action or remembers a brand.  Others define this as a best practice where any more than 3-4 exposure per day becomes too intrusive to users.   Traditionally, in digital media, frequency is measured as a number of impressions delivered to a user usually within a 24-hour period.

Infographic: Disasters in the age of new media and social sharing

The notion that social media has revolutionized how we absorb, share and find information is not new. Twitter broke the news about Osama bin Laden’s death, and media outlets depend on social media as a source for breaking news. Lesser known is how social media and smart phones have become a valuable asset for disaster relief as they facilitate communication when other channels are compromised. Recent events like the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Japan prove the utility of social media during a natural disaster.

Beat the Recession with an Aggressive, Strategic Marketing Budget

Author: Amanda Stock

In a recession, marketing tends to be the first victim of budget cuts when, in reality, it is the most important tool a business has during this difficult time. With the current economic downturn experts are predicting a recession. This leaves many businesses wondering where they can cut costs. Studies and experience prove marketing should be last on the list.

Google Purchasing Text Links?

A big news item last month was Google stating that they are actively pursuing websites that purchase links specifically for the purpose of passing page rank. They recommended various tactics to use for text link ads geared towards driving traffic so that you can still get the traffic without the search engine link juice being passed. You can read more details in Google Engineer Matt Cutt’s blog. I would also recommend reading some of the industry backlash including this post.