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Content Marketing Overview

Content Marketing isn’t just writing blog posts, adding them to your website and hoping someone finds them. It’s so much more than that. Here at NextLeft, we like to think of Content Marketing as your digital salesperson leading customers throughout the purchase process and showcasing your brand voice, message and differentiators. Our custom Content Marketing services are built around an approach that’s proven to get results. From research and development to distribution and influencer outreach, our team of Content Marketing experts are with you every step of the way making sure both you and your customers get what they want.

Content Marketing

Content That Works


When it comes to Content Marketing, gone are the days of posting just for the sake of posting. At NextLeft, we're strong proponents of quality over quantity. Our custom content strategies follow this belief and always start with extensive research to find the greatest opportunities for success, determining where your audience lives online, what content they are most likely to consume and how.


Along with our initial research, when it comes to determining content production needs, our experts also perform an audit of the content you already have. Why work harder when you can work smarter by helping your existing content reach its full potential? We work with our clients based on their specific needs. If you have resources to produce content in-house, great! We can consult on type, structure and topics. Need a little more help? Not a problem. We have a team of content producers ready to get cranking.


The key to success with Content Marketing, and our secret sauce, is the promotion and distribution of your well-researched and crafted content. One tactic we use for promotion is Influencer Outreach. We scour the web and social realm for the top influencers in your target demographic that can have a significant impact on the reach of your content and engage with them to promote your content and increase overall reach, awareness, traffic and authority-building links.


The promotion of high quality content on your brand's social media channels is a great way to drive user awareness and engagement around your latest and greatest content pieces. NextLeft can provide that extra shot in the arm and manage the distribution of your content on your social channels through both paid and organic efforts. We customize our social outreach for each piece of content tailoring our approach to each channel, audience and content form to have the greatest impact and reach.


While creating compelling and unique content is a must, getting the eyes and attention of an engaged audience is even more important. NextLeft's team of content distribution experts will strategically drive organic traffic to your content ensuring its success in raising brand awareness. While the focus of this tactic is traffic acquisition, the results we often see indirectly increase both social engagement and natural promotion of the content as socially engaged visitors tend to share compelling content. We call that a win win.


Promoting content with search intent lends itself nicely to promotion via Google AdWords and other search engines. Competition is often low for searches that do not have a direct intent to sell, making this a cost-effective promotion tactic and use of marketing budget. AdWords specifically helps increase visibility on the world's largest search engine while driving long-tail traffic and interested prospects to your content and your website where they can then be remarketed to and moved along the purchase funnel.

Content Marketing Hacks

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Content for SEO

How To Edit Content For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may have gotten a bad rap by journalists in the past as they feared it compromised the integrity of their content by keyword stuffing and using other ‘old school’ SEO tactics. Well those days are long gone.

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Modern consumers spend an enormous amount of time viewing content in a variety of digital formats from articles to videos, infographics to podcasts, and across numerous devices including mobile phones, tablets and traditional desktop computers. Brands are constantly competing for consumer attention.

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