Local SEO Services

You’re a savvy business owner with a killer site. You spent a ton getting it designed and launched. But if you have a storefront or office space, you want more than just traffic to your site. What efforts can you use to get people to your location

If you have a physical location, the next step to getting the most out of your website is implementing a logical, strategic, concerted local SEO effort. Businesses who use local SEO strategies often see a dramatic uptick in sales. In fact, studies show that: 

  • 88 percent of people who search for a local brand call or visit a business within 24 hours
  • 78 percent of consumers who do a local search on mobile end up making an in-store purchase
  • And more than 46 percent of Google searches are for local information. 

Simply put: local SEO tactics translate to more traffic to your location, which can ultimately mean more sales! It’s all about how users and customers find you online. If you understand this concept and are like most people, you’re probably thinking…OK, let’s go! 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO allows you to target a local audience, the people who are close to you and therefore most likely to shop at your location. It is an effective way to optimize your website and market your business, brand or service to local customers. By tapping into that local market, you reach potential customers who are geographically close to you (which means they’re more likely to become a customer). After implementing local SEO, firms and businesses have the potential to expand their reach exponentially. Local SEO simply expands on the idea of SEO by using location-based keywords, like a city or region name and a physical address. 

What are Local SEO Services?

Using local SEO, companies can effectively and efficiently implement an SEO strategy that targets any local prospects who are searching online for the products and services they offer. NextLeft’s talented, experienced SEO experts are skilled at optimizing onpage content (the words on a website) while also utilizing other important local SEO strategies that can improve search rankings.  

Local Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms users type into Google or other search engines, like Bing, to find a specific service, location or product. Google responds to these user-searches by returning what it determines to be the best-suited results. It makes this distinction based on how well a site matches what a user is searching for. This is where your keywords come in. Local SEO can dramatically increase visibility to customers and prospects in a given area, but you need someone skilled in the technique and practice.  

One of the first steps of local search engine optimization services is to complete local keyword research. This will identify the specific keywords users most-often search for when looking for businesses, brands or services similar to yours. 

NextLeft also focuses on purchase-intent low-funnel keywords, targeting consumers who are actively looking, and thereby more likely to become customers, for a business. For example, if someone is looking for a local place to get their dog washed, they may search “pet groomer in San Diego.” Your content should be optimized and use the keywords users are most often searching for.

Local Citation Services

Keyword research is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Utilizing local citations by ensuring you’re listed in directories is another strategic way to increase local exposure. NextLeft dedicates time to cleaning up your online presence, creating citations where necessary, and correcting any listings that have outdated, old or inaccurate information.      

Google My Business SEO

When you market your business using all the tools that are available to you, it can be wildly successful. The key is knowing how to do it. Internet-based free network Google My Business (GMB) exists to help businesses do just that. It’s essentially what allows you to edit and manage your brand’s presence so you show up when people search for you or your type of business. So optimizing your Google My Business page is extremely important. Since the vast majority of consumers search for what they need online via Google and Google Maps, claiming your business means you can quickly and easily verify, manage and edit your online presence across all of Google, so you’re easy for potential local customers to find. 

Local Link Building

Local link building is important not only in the sense that it can help build authority in the eyes of customers, but also because Google really, really likes it when other authoritative sites link to yours. It’s key because Google sees linking as evidence that a site has authority. When well-ranked sites link to yours, it ultimately improves your authority. Link building really is not all that hard to do, but it takes an extremely dedicated, well-defined, consistent effort, and it’s something NextLeft excels at and can help you with. Done well, link building can have a dramatic positive effect on local SEO.   

Content Optimization

Optimizing content for local SEO means crafting keyword-rich copy that’s both relevant and local-driven, and it can result in booming traffic – both to your site, and in your local customer base. Google loves when  new fresh, premium, optimized content is posted, so even just revising and optimizing existing copy on your site can be effective. 

Content optimization is an excellent way to gain attention and rise in the search results. NextLeft will review your site and provide options for revamping and refreshing current content, while also offering content marketing suggestions and editorial calendars to map out future targeted, optimized content. All our recommendations are based on the extensive keyword research and competitive analysis we do during the research and discovery phases of a project. The reward will be plentiful, and Page 1 could very well be in your near future. 

Technical SEO Services

If you build it, they will come…except they haven’t. Why? Website development is not a set it and forget it deal. And how well your site performs, believe it or not, has more to do with than just content. 

It is essential that after launching a site, you monitor the technical aspects of SEO. They are important to Google and have an intense impact on how well a site ranks. Most importantly, your local SEO efforts won’t be as effective if your site: 

  • Loads slowly
  • Has broken links 
  • Isn’t secure
  • Doesn’t have an optimized XML sitemap
  • Isn’t mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Has any other number of significant technical SEO issues

It’s a lot to take on and manage without help or guidance, but if you don’t monitor and correct issues as they arise, without a doubt, your rankings will fall.   

Getting a Local SEO Audit

Interested in upping your local SEO game? Ready to increase traffic and convert users? Not sure where to start? 

If you’re looking for help with growing your visibility in the local space, NextLeft’s got you covered. Our team is up on all the latest industry techniques and landscape, and we’re skilled at assessing digital spaces and creating a plan to enhance your site and your visibility

Reach out today for a free website audit by one of NextLeft’s talented local SEO experts