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NextLeft is an award-winning San Diego SEO company with a creative team of expert digital marketers. We understand the importance of SEO in today’s digital age. And what’s more, we know how to implement the best strategies and techniques to get our clients optimal visibility and results. 

NextLeft believes in a collaborative process. One where we work side by side, next to you, our client. We see ourselves essentially as an extension of your marketing team (regardless of how big or small that may be), that creates an SEO powerhouse. Think of us as a powerful addition to your in-house marketing efforts – together, we can double down on your plan to gain authority, rankings and traffic through your SEO strategy. 

We believe in transparency, in keeping you in-the-know with how and what we are doing, at all times. 

We believe in results-driven strategy, that will continue to work for a long time, rather than quick-hit wins that result in vanity metrics that aren’t effective (and ultimately won’t last). Because traffic is great, but if it’s the wrong traffic, it doesn’t matter. Our strategy focuses on getting you more traffic with great engagement, so the right audience makes it to your site, and beyond that, they also engage with your brand once they find you.  

We believe in continuously studying how things are changing in the world of SEO (and we can tell you… they change fast!). 

We believe in the power of learning, so we’re always bettering ourselves, keeping up with new tactics and trends, best practices and approaches. 

We believe that custom SEO campaigns are the only way to get results, because no two projects, companies or needs are the same, and one size does not fit all. 

We believe in digging in, doing the research, refining and reassessing, all to get you the best results possible. 

All of this, and much more, is why NextLeft was recently named in UpCity’s Top 25 SEO Companies in San Diego.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is critical for accessibility – it’s the backbone of search engine optimization so you’re accessible to both users and the search engines. Analyzing and improving your technical SEO means optimizing your site so that search engines can find, crawl and index it, and you end up higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

This aspect of SEO is the foundation of any future SEO efforts, because without this solid, tactical, technical foundation, other time consuming (and often costly) SEO efforts, like content creation, may all be for naught. 

NextLeft understands just how important technical SEO is, which is why one of our first steps with a new client is to complete an exhaustive, detailed technical SEO audit. Once we know what shape your site is in from this perspective, we can make a plan to either course correct or to build upon your foundation and move on to other SEO efforts. 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is important in terms of your site’s relevance. It lets search engines understand you are all about. On-page SEO strategy is, in the simplest terms, the practice of reviewing each page on a site, and optimizing them with appropriate, effective keywords so they will rank well. All on-page content should be optimized content, from the words on your pages, to your H1 tags, to your meta and SEO titles, to your URLs, to your alt tags on images, to your HTML source code. 

This may sound simple, and to be honest, for us, it really is a logical process that makes sense and works. So we don’t think of it as “hard.” In fact, we’re excited to tackle the on-page side of SEO projects. But we also understand how sometimes the best efforts can lead to detrimental outcomes. You may very well be a great writer and able to tell your brand’s story in a wonderfully engaging way. But that won’t matter if nobody ever finds your site. Without good on-page SEO, you most likely won’t rank high enough for users to find you through search. We think that would be a shame. 

Let NextLeft audit your site. We can pinpoint areas of opportunity and strengthen places that are already on their way. Even small changes to your on-page SEO can have a significant, positive impact on how well you rank. 

San Diego Content Marketing Company

Content marketing is the content you produce to support your SEO and digital marketing efforts. Create campaigns around your marketing initiatives and then craft SEO-rich content to attract users to your site. 

Launching a new product or service? Writing blogs is a great way to announce it. Your blog is prime real estate to write about and promote improvements, new features and why you’re better than your competition. It’s a great way to inform and attract your customer base and prospects. 

It used to be you could just churn out content and that would be enough. But Google is smarter now, and the practice of churning-and-burning content with no real planning, mapping or strategy behind it could end up hurting you. At the very least, you’ll spend a ton of time, money and resources to get the job done, only to see little to no return. In the world of content marketing, quality is definitely worth more than quantity. 

Our point is this, don’t just write to write. Write good content, that’s relevant and useful, that will solve a user’s problem. The more great, useful, keyword-rich content you produce, the more positive of an impact will it have on your rankings. And content marketing doesn’t just help with SEO, either. It’s also a great way to improve and promote brand image, build authority and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry so you have the opportunity to nurture those relationships with customers and prospects.  

Content Marketing Results

They say that actions speak louder than words, but we believe that results are the loudest of all. We’ve taken prominent brands with powerful competitors in their space, and shown them amazing results through our content marketing strategies. 

Take a look at Gilmour: Through our content strategy and promotion, our client Gilmour saw a 100% increase in referring domains in just one year. After working with NextLeft, they now enjoy an estimated SEO traffic valued at $60k per month. 

Take a look at MonkeySports: We created, implemented and promoted an enthusiastic content strategy and used advanced internal linking techniques that gained MonkeySports organic rankings for 100k keywords. And their estimated traffic value soared to $190k per month! 

NextLeft is excited to be a part of the process when our clients realize their potential. We love nothing more than when efforts pay off, and our reward is when clients see tangible results that translate into profit. 

Premium Link Building

Premium Link Building is an effective, strategic way to use your content marketing efforts to further your reach. It works by attracting high-quality links to your site. When you write and publish quality content, it becomes valuable in more ways than one. Not only does the content itself help establish you as a thought leader in your industry. It also becomes leverage with which you can reach out to other attractive brands and ask for backlinks (when they link back to you, your site and your piece of content). 

This technique becomes easier when you follow a few simple rules for creating your content from the start. 

  1. Invest in quality, well-researched content that adds value to your site and solves users’ pain points.
  2. Create content that is specifically targeted to your personas – the person or group you’re trying to attract. 
  3. Cross-promote content via email and social to get the most traffic after posting. And remember: you can promote a piece more than once. The average half life of a tweet is 24 minutes, so post away (but don’t get too overzealous…don’t worry, we can help you with this, too).

Why use Premium Link Building as part of your SEO efforts? The most important reason is that it can help you rank better. And one of the most rewarding results is when you rank for users’ purchase-intent queries. For example, a user might be searching for “online MBA program” or “Best baseball bats,” and if you rank well, you will come up in the results…these are the consumers looking to buy. See how profitable that can be? You get the idea. 

National SEO

There are times where local SEO is important, and then there are times when you want a bigger audience. This is when national SEO becomes important. National SEO is when you use keywords to target people all over the country. This may be a strong strategy, for example, if you’re strictly eCommerce. Then, your location won’t matter, as customers will not be coming to your physical location. 

National SEO strategy is yet another way to attract high-quality links since when you’re using this method, your content is relevant and likely to attract a wider audience, making it more appealing. 

Local SEO in San Diego

Local SEO is important (and can be extremely effective) for brands that have a brick and mortar physical location and want customers to come to, or if they offer location-based services (think: salons, electricians). Restaurants, retail stores, businesses with more than one location, offices and service providers are among the types of brands or businesses likely to use local SEO in their overall strategy. 

NextLeft is experienced and skilled at optimizing sites using the most recent local SEO strategies. We can claim, update and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing to maximize your local SEO exposure. We also will optimize your site using local search terms, so you’ll rank higher for local-driven terms in search results. 

Other SEO Services

SEO companies are not all created equally. At NextLeft, we pride ourselves on our discovery phase when we begin new engagements. We take the time to get to know you, your business, your position, what you’re already doing well, your weaknesses or where you’re struggling most and, most importantly, your goals. This is how we believe we can best help our clients. It is only then that we can create a custom, strategic plan to get you where you want to go.  

Our team spends an incredible amount of time staying in-the-know with best practices, effective strategy and what Google wants, and we use that to your advantage. 

Fun fact: Did you know Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm, every year? Who can keep up with all that? (hint: the answer is we can, and do!)

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