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SEO Overview

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly referred to, is an online marketing tactic that, if done properly, can help your business show up in the search engines when customers search for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. Building a strong SEO foundation for your business website is the first step to growing your online presence and becoming the authority in your industry.

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When it comes to being 'found' in the search engines, it's important to first build a solid foundation. That's where technical SEO elements like meta tag optimization, URL handling & structure, content organization, sitemap optimization and more, come into play. Building a strong technical foundation on your site through SEO optimization helps give you, and your content, the best chance to rank for your target keywords and phrases and reach your audience at critical moments in their purchasing process.


One way that search engines determine who should be at the top of the rankings for specific keywords and search queries is by analyzing a website's authority. Impacting your web authority, and arguably the most important ranking factor overall, is the number of other reputable sources that link back to you and your content. Through proven white hat linking practices, NextLeft can help improve your site's authority, thus improving your rankings.


With the rise of mobile, consumers are now performing searches on-the-go at an increasing rate, often looking to fulfill an immediate need. If you're a brick-and-mortar business or you service specific local regions, it's imperative to be present in the search results, especially Google's 'Local Pack', when those customers with local intent search. Through citation building and local listings management NextLeft can help increase your chances of being there when customers search.


Whether you're building a new website or just giving your current site a facelift, NextLeft can help you to ensure a smooth transition and that any previous authority your site had earned, is transferred to your new web property through proper 301 redirects. 301 redirect mapping is essential for minimizing traffic loss when making any structural changes to your website.


On Page SEO includes core foundational elements like Title Tags and Meta Descriptions which appear in search engines and give users a glimpse at what they can expect from that page of your website. Properly optimized On Page elements can increase your click through rate from the search engines to your website resulting in more traffic and more leads.


Has your website traffic gone off a cliff? You may be experiencing a penalty due to a Google algorithm update. NextLeft's Backlink Analysis and Disavow product includes an in-depth analysis of all links pointing to your website to identify any potentially problematic links. If a problem is discovered, we'll work to have the links removed by webmasters according to Google's standards.

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