What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media versus Social Media Marketing

There’s a conversation about your brand happening and it’s taking place on social media. But what is social media marketing? Are you participating? Are you even listening?

It’s time to join in and engage these highly targeted and active audiences. However, many marketers are hesitant to dive head first into social media marketing because they’re still uncertain of the true benefit and, frankly, the difference between just having a social media presence and utilizing social media marketing.

So, what is it?

Social Media is the medium or channel that connects people to people, while Social Media Marketing connects brands with customers through authentic online engagement to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions. Many digital marketers have recognized the importance of social media for companies of all sizes. It’s an effective way to stay connected with customers, build relationships, share information, gather feedback, and collect competitive intelligence. But due to the emergence of new channels, and the ever-changing technology landscape, social media marketing can be challenging.

Today’s social savvy consumer expects responsive customer service, compelling content, plus discounts, coupons, and social promotions. The key is being real, consistent and passionate. This authentic social promotion proves you care and that you understand what’s really important to your audience. When your fans are engaged, they will buy, share and repeat, with the right call to action.

Social Media For Content Promotion

Here at NextLeft, one of the primary ways we use Social Media Marketing is as a promotion channel for robust, relevant and valuable content that we produce and distribute for our clients. Social Media, as mentioned, is the perfect channel or medium to connect directly with your target audience on the platforms that they prefer. Our approach to Content Marketing begins with extensive research on where our audience spends their time online, what types of content they consume and what form that content is in. We rely on this research to not only lead our development strategy, but also our distribution strategies once the content has been created. We also know that content is not shared linearly. In fact, a piece of content may be posted to your blog, but then shared to Facebook and then tweeted on Twitter, pinned on Pinterest and so on and so forth, effectively ‘growing legs’.

By using the social aspect of the web, content marketing and content promotion allows companies to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than traditional marketing.

How do you use Social Media Marketing to connect with your customers? Tell us what’s working for you in the comments below. For more Social Media Marketing tips and information on how to use Social Media to promote your content, contact NextLeft today!