Are you investing in your SEO, but just not getting the ROI you’re expecting? Here’s the unfortunate truth we want to share with you: for most people, even though it’s still 100% necessary, the old-school, DIY methods for SEO just don’t cut it anymore. Don’t get us wrong – there’s still value to the basics. But there’s more to the game these days. Google is smart. If you want to keep up, you need to do more now than ever before.

Which aspects of SEO are still important? Of course, the basics still matter…your meta and keyword usage (and not in a stuffing kind of way) are still important. Content is Still King. Everything you knew about SEO still has an impact. But today, there’s more to SEO from a technical standpoint than ever before. In short, you can’t just focus on “on-page” SEO and think you’ll survive. 

It’s increasingly important that you also keep your “off-page” SEO (or Technical SEO) buttoned up. It’s true that on-page SEO has been used for years to increase page rankings on search engines results pages (SERPs). We’re not denying that any of these more basic, visible and traditional components of SEO still matter, because we agree: they do. 

But hear us when we tell you: it’s the Technical SEO that you need to be aware of. The concept may be newer to you, and it’s 100% way more complex and ever-changing.Your Technical SEO efforts can give Google and other search engines exactly what they’re looking for from the back end of your site. 

The downside of Technical SEO? It’s…well…technical. It takes expertise. And time

Don’t worry – there’s an upside too. NextLeft has both the expertise, and the time, to invest in your site. For you. We can ensure it’s up to snuff and technically competitive. That’s not something every marketing agency can offer you.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to optimizing the technical aspects of a site that aren’t visible to front-end users. The goal is to increase a website’s ranking on popular search engines in a manner that traditional SEO alone could not.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Focusing on all aspects of SEO is imperative to your site’s performance and visibility. If you’re looking to ascend the virtual ranks, you may already know a few key things: 

  • It’s easy to slap up a site – modern technology lets you build a site using a framework (like a library) that makes creating engaging content easily.
  • Old-school HTML and CSS aren’t always necessary any longer.
  • Libraries are great for engagement – getting those users who are already on your site to stay there. 

But, the problem isn’t always keeping users engaged with your content; it’s getting new users to see you in the first place. And here’s the big warning. With so many technologies and tools out there that allow you to quickly and easily create a great-looking, flashy site in no time at all, it can be easy to forget this one simple fact: You. Cannot. Ronco. Your. Site

If you set-it-and-forget-it (launch it and don’t nurture it), you can pretty much kiss any hopes for a page-one ranking goodbye. Not only do you need a functional site that’s easy to navigate, with great, engaging content, you also must pay very close attention to your technical SEO

Ok, how do you do that? Step one: find a reputable expert to perform an initial Technical SEO audit. They can help you identify any problems related to how your site’s configured. We see it all the time – just a few keystrokes can make all the difference between your site sinking or thriving in the ranks. But those few keystroke errors must be thoughtfully, expertly discovered (and then fixed) by someone who’s technically SEO-savvy. 

NextLeft’s off-page SEO experts are here to help you. We’ll take a look at the technology behind your site, identify how to optimize it, resolve glaring errors you may not have even known even existed and send your site on a much better trajectory.

The Components Of a Successful SEO Technical Audit

SEO is a multifaceted, complex, often-holistic effort that requires up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise. You need someone to ensure all your SEO components are fine-tuned and working together for maximum results. You don’t want to forget about any of following aspects:
Local Search
Enterprise SEO
eCommerce SEO
Site Migrations
(all of which NextLeft can help you with…)

Which Solutions Are Right For You?

Ready to take a deeper dive into the technical side of things?  Let’s have a convo! We need to first understand where you’re currently at. Just as key is where you’d like to be in the foreseeable future. We’ll evaluate your goals and determine how we can help you meet them. We take a closer look at the technologies and strategies you’re already using (or not) and come up with a strategic, comprehensive plan to get your traffic, engagement and overall ROI on a track that gets you results. 

How long will it take before you see these results? Time can vary, depending on the complexity of your site, how things are put together and what your tech stack currently looks like.  

Once we’ve got the background info, the next step is to start implementing some Technical SEO tactics. Remember, even if you’ve already optimized articles and pages according to SEO best practice, you’ll still see huge benefits from a Technical SEO audit

We can make sure search engines are crawling your site, that your every aspect of your site is configured correctly, and identify any other issues that might be causing the site you’ve put so much into to not perform its best! 

Just hit the button below to schedule your zero obligation consult with us today.