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Web Development & Design

Web Development & Design

The foundation of any good digital marketing campaign is the website itself. That’s why at NextLeft, we offer web development and design services to ensure that your website both looks great and is ready to convert traffic from channels like paid and organic search. If you are looking to build a brand new website or redesign a current website, contact NextLeft today and see how we can help with web development today!

What is Web Development?

As the name suggests, web development is the process of building, creating and maintaining a website for use on the internet. At NextLeft, we specifically focus on front end development, meaning that we work on the visual portion of the website that users interact with when they visit your site.

When it comes to implementing certain aspects of technical SEO and optimization, web development is needed to make these changes on a website. Behind the scenes of almost every website is a web developer!

The Components of our Web Dev Services

At NextLeft, we handle a number of different web development related projects, including:

New Site Development

If you are looking to create a brand new website from scratch, we have you covered! Once you choose your domain name, we can start building out a website that suits your needs.

WordPress Development

At NextLeft, we are experts when it comes to developing WordPress websites. As one of the most commonly used CMS’s on the internet, WordPress is a great place to start for many businesses.

Website Migrations

Are you looking to change domain names or move to a new CMS? If so, we can help ensure that your website and all of the pages are carried over properly to its new home.

Website Redesigns

Looking to revamp the look and feel of your website? At NextLeft, we offer website redesign and re-theme services to change the aesthetics of your site.

Who Needs a Web Design Agency?

Almost any website will eventually need a web developer to make changes on the front end. Even though there are many out-of-the-box solutions to get a basic website off the ground, to implement any design or technical recommendations, you need a developer or agency who can get their hands dirty.

At NextLeft, we make the technical aspects of maintaining a website easy.

This is where NextLeft can help! We have developers on staff who can help you make the most of your website, implement any changes, or completely revamp your website from top to bottom. If this sounds like a service your business needs, contact us today to learn more!