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PPC Management Services

Are you running paid ads on Google, Bing or social platforms? If not, you may be leaving money on the table. According to a study by Nielsen, the average ROI for paid ads across all industries is $2.87 to $1. In the eCommerce space, that average ratio goes up to $4 to $1. Here at NextLeft, we know how to generate ROI from paid ads of all types and drive results to improve your bottom line.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)?

Pay-per-click is an online advertising model where a business pays to have an ad placed on a platform and is charged a fee for every click to that ad. These ads come in the form of banners, text or images that usually appear near the top or on the sidebar of webpages.

There are also other models for paying such as cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per action (CPA). Some of the most common platforms for PPC include Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Components of Our PPC Services

At NextLeft, we have experience in all aspects of PPC. We offer a wide range of pay-per-click services, including:

Google Ads Management

Google Ads (formerly Adwords), is one of largest online advertising platforms on the internet. We have experience running Google Ads for all types of companies and niches.

Display Advertising

Are you advertising on Google’s Display Network? Let us help you with your next display campaign today!

Paid Social

Are you advertising on places like Pinterest or Instagram? We can help manage any of your paid campaigns on any social media platforms.


If you want to to put targeted ads in front of users who have already been to your website and expressed interest in your brand, then remarketing is a great option!

Who Needs PPC Services?

Knowing that paid ads have visibility at the top of the page and can have high conversions rates, pay-per-click advertising is a great option for many businesses.

If your business has high lifetime customer values, is looking to break into the market or has high margins, PPC is a must.

Pay-per-click ads are only as successful as the team and strategy behind them.

Simply running paid ads isn’t enough. You need a team who is doing keyword research, compiling negative keywords, writing solid ad copy and crafting clear calls to action.


With these vital steps, you may be spending money for your ads to go nowhere. Contact NextLeft and let us audit your paid campaign today!