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No Reciprocal Links Here! Link Popularity Services:

Anyone involved in marketing will confirm that search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has been a major buzzword the last few years. The sharp rise in search engine users has presented a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach new customers and create revenue at very low cost per visitor acquisition. This is due to the fact that search engines drive hundreds of millions of visitors daily at technically no cost to the website owner through their free listings.

But How Do You Increase Your Search Engine Rankings?

Search engine results are determined by complex algorithms that are not easily deciphered. One factor however that is considered to be the most heavily weighted is the link popularity or number of links pointing to a website or web page. It’s not just about quantity though.

Link Building is About Quality Not Quantity

At NextLeft we believe that links should drive targeted traffic, and come from pages on relevant sites where users would actually find the link to be a convenient resource. As search engine technology progresses, the consistent high rankings we have achieved for all of our clients confirm that search engines like our philosophy of using this simple guiding principle to link development. And why not? Free-for-all links (FFA Links), blog comment spam, unrelated reciprocal link directories, and other irrelevant types of links are not what search engines such as Google had in mind when creating link based algorithms!

Type and Quality of Links

We have carefully developed quality control guidelines and adhere to proprietary criteria analysis to acquire the links which will be most beneficial to your site’s rankings and to avoid those which will have little positive impact or even a negative impact on your site’s rankings. Examples are:

Link Types: Each has different SEO value, potential for traffic, and costs to obtain.

  • Link Exchange / Reciprocal: Links While trading links with quality, relevant sites through hand-submitted requests can be effective if done with extreme care, we find this tactic to be dated and unnecessary. NextLeft does not offer link exchange services.
  • One Way Links: Our mission becomes to identify webmasters who offer links to sites they consider high quality and of interest to their visitors without requiring reciprocation. Often these are directory style sites whose content is mainly organized links, or from pages which cite resources relevant to their article topics. NextLeft does build one-way links though typically we recommend only 3-5 trusted directories, beyond that we provide “premium link building” services.
  • In-Content Links: To acquire these valuable text links we either create articles on your behalf for syndication, post on leading industry blogs, or create relationships with web publishers who write about your industry and who are seeking topics to cover.
  • Premium Link Placement: NextLeft can acquire extremely high quality text links on your behalf. These links are placed within a text area on a highly relevant page; this is another form in-content links. In effect this service aims to have your link included in places where it should have been originally, however your site/product/service may not have been around or the author was simply unaware of it. Our link acquisitions are rarely within footer or sidebar areas. We aim for editorial inclusion which results in maximum search engine ranking increases.

Quality Criteria: We look for positive and negative criteria to ensure you are getting good links and not entering any “bad link neighborhoods” according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Here are just a handful of factors we evaluate when providing link building services:

Quality Criteria: We look for positive and negative criteria to ensure you are getting good links and not entering any “bad link neighborhoods” according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Here are just a handful of factors we evaluate when providing link building services:

  • Page Topic – Thematically related links are best for generating traffic as well as conveying relevance to search engines.
  • Links to Linking URL – We check to make sure the page your link is on is well linked to—a signal it is a popular resource for the subject.
  • PageRank – High Google PageRank can be a good indicator that a page is in good standing with the search engines and will count as a solid vote towards your link popularity.
  • Domain Age – In the eyes of a search engine, older, more established sites often cast a more trusted “vote” for your site.
  • Recent Cache Date – Sites that are crawled frequently mean your link will be found sooner, indexed, and counted towards your ranking score.
  • Search Engine Bans/Penalties – Each page and site we seek a link from is checked to make sure it is in good standing with the major search engines.
  • Links to Bad Neighborhoods – Pages linking to web spam will not be concerned as linking candidates.
  • Too Many Outbound Links – Pages containing too many links offer little value to web users as they are cluttered. We avoid placing your link on these pages as you will receive little traffic or link popularity benefit.

The NextLeft Link Development Advantage

Every link building campaign we undertake consists of clearly defined goals, quality measures, and timelines. Reports are provided to track measurable results that will have a positive effect on your site’s visitation and targeted user exposure. Our core concentration is on your ROI—generating increased revenue is our #1 priority for your business.

Premium Link Building Service Overview

NextLeft offers the most effective links for earning #1 rankings in competitive industries because we go the extra-mile for hight quality, highly relevant links.
Link Development Campaigns Include:

  • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
  • Deep Keyword Research
  • Traffic Analysis and Prediction Tool
  • Keyword to Page Mapping
  • Anchor Text/URL Variations
  • Premium, Relevant and Targeted in-Content Links

Is Linking Bad or Black Hat? Do You Suggest Using…

Avoid low quality, unprofessional and potentially harmful link building tactics. The web was built on resourceful, relevant linking and that is the type of link development we specialize in.

  • Link Farms? No!
  • Blog Comment or Trackback Spamming? No!
  • Social Bookmark Spamming? No!
  • “Gaming” of Sites or Services? No!
  • Automated Emailing? No!
  • Triangular or Reciprocal Linking? No!
  • Rented Links from Link Networks? No!

Start Building Link Equity Today!

Linkbait and Viral Link Popularity

NextLeft creates effective, cutting-edge viral and social media link popularity strategies and leverages strategic partnerships to provide maximum visibility and resultant backlink growth. Learn More

Viral Link Strategies Include:

  • Complete Creative Design
  • Seed Promotion
  • Increased Traffic
  • SEO Visibility
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Positioning


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