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Paid advertising on social media is one of the fast growing paid advertising channels today. Given that there are almost 4 billion active social media users in the world, it is an excellent way to get your products and services in front of potential customers. In fact, 27% of internet users say that they find new products and brands through social media. If you are not running paid ads on any social media platform, you may be missing out on valuable visibility.

What is Paid Social Advertising?

As opposed to ads on search engines like Google or Bing, paid social ads are on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These platforms can leverage user data to ensure that highly relevant ads are served to the right audience and demographics. This can allow for a large increase in conversions but a lower cost of acquisition. Because of this, social ads have become a favorite of many businesses that are running paid media.

Paid Social Platforms

At NextLeft, we are familiar with paid ads on most social media platforms. Some of the most common social media networks that we run campaigns on include:


With almost 2 billion active users per month, Facebook ads gives businesses the ability to target highly specific audiences for an affordable cost.


The audience on LinkedIn tends to be decision makers, meaning that these users have more buying power than the average user. Especially for B2B companies, LinkedIn can be an excellent source of leads.


Paid ads on Instagram are less intrusive and tend to have higher engagement rates. Instagram is a favorite among brands that can utilize pictures or video to showcase their products.


Paid ads on Twitter can be a great option for introducing a new brand or product to target audiences as well as increasing follower count.


With almost 500 million active users, 80% of which are women, Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses and products that appeal to female audiences.

Who Needs Paid Social Advertising Services?

As shown by the statistics mentioned above, there is a massive amount of opportunity for any business trying to get visibility through social networks.

With the sheer amount of active users and affordability, paid social ads can be a ticket to better engagement and more conversions.

When it comes to paid social ads, targeting the right audience is everything.

If you need help targeting the right audience, crafting engaging calls to action and formulating the right bidding strategy, come to NextLeft!


We have experience running paid campaigns across numerous social networks and can generate the ROI your business needs to succeed. Contact NextLeft for an audit of your paid social media campaigns today!