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Heat Map Analysis

Do you know where users are clicking the most on your website? Are you unsure if users are even scrolling down and reading all of the content on your webpages? When you come to NextLeft, we can help unlock this information! Doing heat mapping analysis can both improve user experience and lead to increased conversions.

What is Heat Mapping?

Heat mapping is a data visualization technique that uses colors to show the amount of clicks on an element of a page or the distance users scroll. This information can then be used to draw conclusions about how users are interacting with a website and ways the experience for users can be improved. Heat mapping data can also be an important step for conversion rate optimization.

The Components of Our Heat Map Analysis

At NextLeft, we use a tool called Lucky Orange but can work with any heat mapping software that is currently installed on your website. Our process includes:

Click Analysis

One of the first actions is to see where users are clicking most frequently on pages. Are they able to find the most important call to actions and internal links? Are they navigating through the header menu or clicking to the search bar to find what they are looking for?

Scroll Depth Analysis

Are users scrolling down to view all of the content on pages or are they only making it 50% of the way through? You can gain valuable insight on how to order your content to improve visibility and increase conversions!

UX Recommendations

Once we gather click and scroll data, our team will make recommendations on how to improve the user experience on your site and help increase conversions. These recommendations will be delivered with instructions on how to implement for each necessary party.

Who Needs a Heat Map Analysis?

If your website is earning traffic but users are either bouncing or conversion rates are low, then you need to compile data to discover why this is happening.

Heat mapping can be a key ingredient of increasing conversions and improving user experience.

Without having data, it can be challenging to make the right UX decisions.

If any of the above scenarios are happening for your business, start with some heat mapping analysis. At NextLeft we can help you install the proper code, compile the data and then provide actionable insights and recommendations for your website.


Contact us and see how our heatmapping audits can help your bottom line today!