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SEO for Law Firms

The law firm SEO space is one of the most competitive on the internet. Not only are thousands of attorneys all competing for the same keywords but cost-per-click prices are some of the most expensive of any industry. If you don’t have an SEO agency on your side, it will be hard to gain any visibility online.

How is Legal SEO Marketing Unique?

The legal industry is unique when it comes to digital marketing in a number of different ways:

High competition. With so many law firms competing for the same keywords in the same locations, you will need link building, E-A-T, reviews and all the authority possible to stand out from the crowd.

High CPC. Attorney keywords are some of the most expensive across any PPC platform, which makes sense given the potential return on investment for one lead.

Local SEO: Local rankings, Google Maps and reviews are all vitally important for law firms since they will be showing up for location based searches in their city or town.

SEO for Law Firms Services

At NextLeft, we offer a comprehensive suite of law firm SEO services that are geared towards driving case leads. These include: