B Corp Digital Marketing Agency

In 2016 NextLeft was founded by top in-house SEOs and agency leads tired of all the trickery in the agency world.

After working for and hiring/firing many top local and national digital marketing agencies it was time to build a true consultancy that works. Today, we partner with in-house marketing teams and SEOs to accelerate projects and help teams win.

Leading with values.

We move to the beat of our own drum. Our values are how we do business, make decisions, and operate as a team. Values say a lot about any relationship, and we strive to work with and hire in alignment to these core beliefs.





Team Leads

John McKusick
CEO & Content Strategy
Anne Ritchie
Director, Digital PR
Yanni Gu
VP, Client Services
Chris Walsh
Senior, SEO & Content
Earl Warner
Director, New Business
Michael Stout
Senior, SEO & Content
Shane Vassighi
Web Development