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Our mission is to make in-house marketing teams superheroes.

In 2016 NextLeft was founded by top in-house SEOs and agency leads tired of all the trickery in the agency world. After working for and hiring/firing many top local and national digital marketing agencies it was time to build a true consultancy that makes marketing teams win. 

Who we are

Every member of the team is 100% focused on delivering proactive service with proven world-class results for mid-market and enterprise e-commerce, B2B, and B2C clients.

We are talented writers, designers, programmers and technologists. NextLeft is a results driven team of digital marketing experts who unstick projects and get things done for in-house marketing teams.

John McKusick

Co-Founder & CEO

Working towards mastering memes. With two decades of digital marketing leadership, John loves generating results through excellent execution. Once snuck into a Beyoncé concert. Not the best idea. Quickly snuck out.

Casey Novak

VP, Client Services

Higher education, eCommerce SEO and content marketing expert with a decade of experience. Loves fashion, tiny homes, and organization. Went to a Beyoncé concert and would definitely go again.

Andy Kelly

Director, SEO

Lead technical SEO at several large digital marketing agencies. Loves big ranking wins, regular expressions, Google search console and analytics.  Was mistaken for a celebrity and signed an autograph for his new biggest fan.

Brian Oddo 

Senior Client Services

Led the world’s largest OTC healthcare company’s eCommerce content strategy. With a 35″ vertical, dunked on his teammates and competitors while playing for the Miami (OH) Redhawks back in college.

Yanni Gu

VP Client Services

A decade of Content Marketing and SEO experience. Previously led content promotion and off page SEO for one of the nation’s largest digital marketing firms. Loves real estate and is on track to become the next big real estate investment titan.

Rob Tindula

Senior, SEO & Content

5 years of managing content marketing and SEO for local and national lawyers and car dealerships. Currently e-commerce SEO expert with a passion to knock out the competition. Coaches college club volleyball and will challenge your knowledge of craft beer.

Anne Ritchie 

Digital PR Manager

Toured with Metallica and wrote for ESPN and The X Games. Manages NextLeft’s Outreach and Digital PR teams. Loves to take care of the NextLeft family. Being part of a middle school PTA can be scarier than a Metallica mosh pit.

Katlyn Connolly

Senior Client Services

Over 7 years of digital marketing experience, and 3 years specifically in SEO. Extremely passionate about clients and the success of their campaigns. Was set up and featured on a blind date for a local magazine with an unemployed bartender.

Patricia Sebold

SEO Specialist

5 years of driving impactful organic results through content optimization and brand building strategies. Was mistaken for a Brasilian soap opera actress at a soccer game held in Rio and was escorted to meet the players after the game in the locker room. Luckily, she speaks Portuguese fluently.

Jennifer Wanninger

Senior Client Services

Brings years of in-house marketing experience, as well as 5+ years as a financial analyst to make marketing teams shine through ROI. Was once interviewed by the South Korean National Intelligence Agency about being a part of a rumored love triangle.

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NextLeft is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, paid, and content marketing.

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