An agency experience that doesn’t suck.

In 2016 NextLeft was founded by top in-house SEOs and agency leads tired of all the trickery in the agency world. After working for and hiring/firing many top local and national digital marketing agencies it was time to build a true consultancy that works. Today, we partner with in-house marketing teams and SEOs to accelerate projects and help teams win.

Values matter.

We move to the beat of our own drum. Our values are how we do business, make decisions, and operate as a team. Values say a lot about any relationship, and we strive to work with and hire in alignment to these core beliefs.


No Unneccesary Stress




Community of Care


Do good and have fun!

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B2B Marketing Guide

B2B Marketing Guide

The world of business to business marketing (B2B) is both effective and powerful. But marketing to other businesses, rather than direct to consumers, can be challenging. It’s a skillful art that you...

John McKusick


Casey Novak

VP, Client Services

Rob Tindula

Director of SEO

Anne Ritchie

Manager, Digital PR

Alexa Withrow

Marketing and Social Impact

Brian Oddo

Senior Account Executive

Yanni Gu

Senior Account Executive

Katlyn Connolly

Senior Account Executive

Jenny Wanninger

Senior Account Executive

Colleen DeRosa

Senior Account Executive

Chris Walsh

Senior SEO Specialist

Ian Cook II

Manager, Paid Media

Melissa McHugh

Senior SEO Specialist

Michael Glavac

Senior SEO Specialist

Shane Vassighi

Web and Graphic Designer

San diego + Chicago careers

Are you the one we’ve been looking for?

Senior Search Engine Optimization Specialist (Technical SEO)

The Senior Content Marketing, SEO Specialist works under the supervision of the Director, Earned Media. This position is responsible for the creation and implementation of key SEO and content strategies, including large scale technical…

San Diego County, CA