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We make in-house marketing teams the superheroes.

We are writers, designers and technologists. We are a creative team of digital marketing strategists who unstuck projects and get things done for in-house marketing teams as well as for digital marketing and advertising agencies here in San Diego and across the country.

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NextLeft was born out of a passion for digital marketing and a need to change things up. Our mission is to rid the world of digital clutter by creating the helpful, relevant content people are searching for online. We love what we do and are driven by working with teams that are focused on driving results for their brands. Join us and let’s make good even better together.

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NextLeft is a team of digital marketing strategists in San Diego with an average of 10+ years each of agency and in-house digital marketing experience. Frustrated by the overwhelming amount of useless clutter on the internet today, NextLeft set out to help businesses improve their rankings in the search engines through the creation and promotion of unique, relevant content that their customers actually want and need.

NextLeft got its start through a unique set of circumstances. In March of 2016, Geary LSF, a reputable national digital marketing agency, closed its doors leaving hundreds of employees and clients scratching their heads and looking for their next move. Instead, they found NextLeft.

NextLeft CEO, John McKusick, a veteran in the agency world and original Geary Interactive founder, decided to start a new agency providing a home for a number of Geary LSF team members. Since then, NextLeft has grown its team, its product offering and its client portfolio while continuously delivering positive business results through strategic earned media tactics including Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Today’s consumers are on-the-go and want useful, relevant information on demand. The first place they go to find that information is to the search engines. To win in today’s competitive market, your business needs to not only be present, but needs to provide the consumer what they’re looking for.

Our team of SEO and Content Marketing experts will begin with an in-depth audit of your business’s current rankings, the competitive landscape, and the potential opportunities to win. Once initial research has been conducted, NextLeft will provide a detailed strategy to take advantage of identified opportunities that will increase overall rankings through technical SEO tactics, as well as content production and promotion.

NextLeft will help your business beat out the competition and provide value throughout the purchase journey, creating loyal, repeat customers.

Our job is to give in-house marketing teams super powers. We work with CMOs, VPs of Marketing, PR and digital agencies, Social Media Managers, Editorial teams and more. Sure, you can try and build a team of SEO and Content Marketing experts internally, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Hear us out.

The time, effort, and amount of resources you’ll spend to try and find the perfect team members to effectively support your business objectives, plus getting them up to speed, paying for the necessary tools you’ll need for reporting, tracking, etc. (which we already have) far out weighs the cost of partnering with NextLeft. In fact, we’ve put together a helpful article that shows the ROI of hiring someone internally versus hiring us because after all, providing the most value possible is what we’re here for.

Just like there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, we don’t have one-size-fits-all pricing for our services. We believe that every new client we accept is unique and so are their business challenges, budgets and needs. We create custom strategies for each client and work with you to determine what budgets are needed to reach your targets and goals.

That said, there are general minimum budgets needed to really see results. We recommend a minimum monthly budget of $4,000 for ongoing SEO and industry standard for Content Marketing is 25% of annual marketing budgets for production and promotion. Contact us for more information or to discuss custom strategies and pricing.

We’re so excited that you’re ready to take the next step to amplify your brand with NextLeft. To get started, please fill out our quick form on the Contact page or send an email to marketing@nextleft.com with your business information including your name, business name, and a little bit about what you’re looking for. A team member will be in touch right away.

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