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Drupal SEO Services

Drupal is a flexible content management system that is used by millions of organizations around the globe. With only a 2% market share, Drupal provides the framework for at least 13% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide. Behind each of these top performing websites is a company that knows how to optimize Drupal websites for SEO.

Why Drupal for SEO?

Drupal is a great CMS for SEO due to built in SEO friendly features and the ability to customize through the use of modules. Even without the use of modules, Drupal can be an out of the box solution for many businesses. But with modules, the possibilities for customizing and optimizing your website are almost endless.

SEO Services for Drupal

Even with a powerful CMS such as Drupal, you still need an SEO company that can provide strategy and ways to optimize your website. Some common services for Drupal websites include:

Enterprise SEO

Due to the cost, Drupal is generally reserved for enterprise level businesses. Therefore, you want an SEO agency who understands these types of businesses and what they need.

Technical SEO

Drupal is customizable but modules need to be configured the right way. Even with proper configuration, you will run into issues with sitemaps, indexation and other technical issues.

Content Marketing

Drupal is friendly for content marketing, especially the creation of content hubs and visually appealing blog posts. That said, you still need relevant keyword research and content structure to make the most out of this CMS.

Link Building

Whether you are producing content or driving traffic to conversion pages, link building is a must for any Drupal campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are an enterprise level client with authority and brand awareness, then the importance of conversions and conversion rate optimization cannot be overstated.

Why is SEO Important for Drupal Sites?

SEO is important for all websites, but Drupal specifically tends to be used for large, authoritative websites that have a multitude of content types and pages.

SEO will help organize content, avoid keyword confusion and set a solid technical foundation for a website to succeed.

In an increasingly competitive online landscape, businesses can no longer rely on brand awareness alone.

If you need help deciding which modules to use and ways to better optimize your SEO, contact NextLeft.


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