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Facebook Advertising & Marketing Agency

Facebook Advertising & Marketing Agency

With over 2.8 billion users worldwide, Facebook boasts one of the largest social media presences on the internet. If you are looking to increase sales or leads, using this platform can be a powerful way to amplify your brand. And with traditionally lower cost per clicks and hyper focused targeting options, Facebook ads can be a highly effective and profitable way to market your business. If you need help running your paid advertising campaign on Facebook, contact NextLeft today!

What is Facebook Advertising?

Much like other pay-per-click advertising, Facebook ads allows businesses to target users based on criteria like age, demographic, and location to then serve them advertisements in both their newsfeed and on the sidebar of the platform. This allows brands to reach the exact audience they are looking for, which if done properly, can increase conversions for an affordable price. All it takes is creating an account with Facebook Ads Manager, choosing your audience, creating an ad and setting your budget.

Our Facebook Advertising Services

At NextLeft, we know what it takes to run successful ads on Facebook. Our services include:


The first action we take is auditing your Facebook Ads Manager account. We will take a look at everything from the objectives that have been chosen to audience selection and budget strategy.

Competitor Analysis

We will also take a look at your top competitors and services areas to determine the best strategy for increasing user engagement.

Ad Creation

Once we have collected the necessary information, we will help create an ad that follows brand guidelines, has strong calls to action and increases click through rates.

Monitoring & Reporting

Once the campaign is off the ground, we will continue to monitor performance and make any necessary adjustments. We can also create custom reports to track progress of the campaign.

Who Needs a Facebook Advertising Agency?

If your business is running ads on Facebook, then you need an agency with experience getting results.

While a campaign may be simple to set up, having an agency partner will ensure that your dollars are being utilized in the best way possible.

Ads on Facebook can be a powerful solution to increase revenue but only with correct targeting and optimization.

The potential is there for large and small business owners when using paid Facebook advertising. However, many businesses are missing the mark when it comes to targeting and finding the right audience. That is where NextLeft can help!


If you are spending money on Facebook ads but are not seeing the expected return on investment, it’s time to contact an agency. Reach out to NextLeft and see how we can improve your ads on Facebook today!