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As a savvy marketer, you know that it’s not simply about earning traffic. You also need users to make a conversion! Whether it is online sales, lead generation or user registration, getting users to take a desired action on your website is an art and exactly the reason why you need an agency that specializes in conversion rate optimization.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

CRO is the process of increasing your conversion rate by compelling visitors to take a desired action on your website. It is a unique blend of SEO and UX. Tactics for increasing conversion rates can include strengthening calls to action, better internal linking, testing with different colors and formatting, A/B testing, serving users pop ups, or improving conversion funnels.

The Components of Our CRO Services

Depending on who you ask, conversion rate optimization can mean a variety of different things. At NextLeft, the CRO services that we offer include:

CRO Audits

One of the first components of CRO is auditing the website for issues with conversions. This can include analyzing landing page data for low conversion rates, internal linking, calls to action and on-page design features.

Pop-Up Management

Pop-ups can be a great way to elicit conversions from users. Especially on low converting pages or blog posts, a pop-up can be an effective way to keep users on site and direct them to conversion focused pages.

Heat Map Analysis

Using CRO tools like Crazy Egg, Hotjar or Lucky Orange, we can analyze heat map data to see how visitors interact with a site. Taking this data, we can ensure we are presenting a seamless user experience that leads to conversions.

Content Marketing

Conversion rate optimization is only effective if your website has good content to begin with! Creating rich content centered around keywords with conversion intent is the foundation for CRO to improve your bottom line.

Who Needs CRO Services?

Is your website pulling in traffic but not seeing any conversions? Is your blog full of rich content but your conversion rates are under .5%?

Then you need to invest in CRO! You aren’t alone – most websites need help increasing conversions.

Earning traffic is one thing, but getting users to convert is a whole different ball game.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, then conversion rate optimization should be at the top of your list.


At NextLeft, we seamlessly weave SEO into CRO to both increase traffic and conversions simultaneously. For an audit of your website, reach out to us today!