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Keyword Research Services

Before even thinking about increasing organic traffic and earning more revenue, you need to make sure your keyword research strategy is in order. Any effective SEO plan starts with identifying relevant search queries your target audience is using so you can consistently create content that climbs up Google’s rankings to find them.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying words and phrases people use to find certain products, services, or information on search engines. Once you understand how people search, you can begin to implement those keywords to send signals to Google that your business is a relevant and trusted source of information.

How We Use Keyword Research

At Nextleft, we use a variety of tools and software to research competitors, analyze SERPs, and identify SEO opportunities. From there, we craft custom recommendations to improve your site’s rankings. Along the way, we track the keywords and provide in-depth reporting so we can monitor progress throughout the campaign.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

SEO keyword research is crucial for discovering what people are searching for in your industry, rather than guessing what you think they’re searching for.

Ask yourself questions like: What do I currently rank for? What does my competition rank for?

What type of content does Google think is most relevant for a given query?

Poor research can throw off your entire organic campaign, but done properly, it’ll serve as a trusted roadmap to SEO success.


As SEO experts, allow NextLeft to be your guide. Contact us to get started today!