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SEO for Credit Unions

When you type the term “credit union” into a search engine, what do you see? A local map pack, people also ask, home pages from different credit unions in the area and even some news stories. With so many avenues to earn organic traffic, you need an SEO company who can help you appear for the right customers. While local SEO will help you rank for those coveted local searchers, content marketing can help you fill in the gaps along the way. If this sounds like a strategy that fits for your credit union, then contact us for an audit today!

Key Factors for Credit Union SEO

When running an SEO campaign for a credit union, keep these tips in mind:

Target the Right Locations. Many credit unions serve customers in a local area around each branch. Therefore, selecting the right city and state modified keywords is vital to going after the right market.

Know Your Audience. Members of a credit union are generally united by a common bond such as being part of the military or a teacher. Knowing your target audience is key to crafting the right content and messaging.

Build Authority. It’s no secret that competition is high for any keywords surrounding finances and money. In order to out rank the competition, you will need to build both E-A-T and link authority.

Credit Union SEO Services

At NextLeft, we offer a comprehensive suite of SEO services that are geared towards driving customer for credit unions.