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CRO Audits

Is your website seeing traffic but having trouble converting users? This means your website is a perfect candidate for conversion rate optimization! Since conversion rates are impacted by both SEO and UX considerations, the first step is auditing your website to find low converting pages and the reasons behind them.

What is a CRO Audit?

A CRO audit is the process of auditing a website to discover why conversion rates are so low. Every website is unique and low conversions rates can be caused by a variety of factors. Common reasons for low conversion rates include:

Weak or missing calls to action
Poor internal linking and click depth
Design, color and formatting related issues
Overly long conversion funnels
Incorrect keyword targeting

The Components of Our CRO Audit

By going through a website with a fine toothed comb, we can uncover issues with conversions and provide fixes. At NextLeft, our CRO audits include:

Internal Linking Audit

Are your most important conversion pages easily accessible by users? Are pages too many clicks away from the homepage? One of the first things we look at is internal linking structure and placement of internal links throughout your website.

Call to Action Audit

Is the content on your pages open ended or are you eliciting a response from users? Do internal links contain relevant calls to action? These are all questions we ask when performing a call to action audit.

Landing Page Audit

Another useful exercise is to look at low converting landing pages and try to identify patterns or reasons why certain pages fail to convert.

Heat Map Audit

With data from tools like Crazy Egg, Hotjar or Lucky Orange, we can see if users are unable to find and click on the information they need to make a conversion.

Who Needs a CRO Audit?

Any website that is seeing a steady stream of traffic but is failing to convert users needs a conversion rate optimization audit.

Even if keyword targeting is correct and SEO has been implemented properly, a website may need to shift the focus over towards user experience and helping users down the conversion path.

Traffic without conversions is empty calories.

Is your website seeing traffic but your bottom line is not improving? If this is the case, contact NextLeft for a CRO audit.


The combination of SEO and CRO is a powerful tool for success. See how we can help improve your bottom line today!