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Content & Blog Audit Services

Does your website have hundreds of blog posts that aren’t pulling in the volume of traffic that they should be? If so, you need a content audit from NextLeft! Oftentimes, blog content is produced without any real strategy and many companies fall victim to a collection of common content marketing mistakes. If your business could use a critical look at the content that has been produced, then a content audit is the perfect solution.

What are Content Audits?

A content audit is the process of evaluating the current performance of blogs or articles on a website and offering suggestions on how to improve them. During a content audit, the goal is to identify:

Pieces of low performing content that need optimization
Duplicate content that can be consolidated
High quality content that should be preserved
Content that is written well but needs better keyword targeting
Old content that is no longer relevant
Content that can be no-indexed or removed

Once these issues have been identified, it both provides a roadmap for updating existing content and future content strategy.

The Content Audit Process

At NextLeft, our process for auditing content on a website includes:

Data Collection

First we collect data on your content performance such as traffic, bounce rate, conversions and conversion rate.

Keyword Research

Then we determine what keywords the content should be targeting and if the website currently ranks for these keywords already.

Opportunity Analysis

After finding the correct keywords for targeting, we then identify where the best content opportunities exist and which posts deserve the most attention.

Action Items

Lastly, we come up with next steps for improving the article or making fixes. These include: metadata updates, content consolidation, full rewrites, or no indexing low performing content.

Who Needs an SEO Content Audit?

If your website has been producing blog content or articles on a regular basis but you are not seeing a return on investment in terms of traffic or conversions, then a content audit is a great solution.

Instead of pouring money into more content, it may make sense to go back and evaluate what has already been written to ensure that it is pointed in the right direction.

When it comes to producing content, always quality over quantity.

If you need help with your content marketing strategy, an existing content audit is a great place to start. Not only can small tweaks lead to large ranking and traffic improvements, but it can also help educate future content decisions moving forward. Contact NextLeft and see how an existing content audit can help your bottom line today!