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WordPress Development & Design

Even though WordPress is a user friendly CMS, a developer can really help take your website to the next level. Whether it is adding in additional features, cleaning up the design, or making technical fixes, having a savvy WordPress developer in your corner can be the difference between a website that succeeds or fails. Cue NextLeft! We know WordPress inside and out and can help you start taking full advantage of what this powerful CMS has to offer. Contact us today to get started!

Why is WordPress Ideal for Developers?

WordPress is optimal for developers for a number of different reasons:
1. Open Source – With the source code available for anyone to use, this allows WordPress websites to be highly customizable and suitable for any businesses needs.
2. Third Party Plugins – With third party apps called plugins, a WordPress website has an almost unlimited supply of options and addons to improve your website.
3. Responsive Themes – WordPress has a huge library of responsive themes that can be further customized and enhanced by a developer for even better performance.

The Components of WordPress Development

At NextLeft, our services for WordPress development & design include:

Custom Theme Development

At NextLeft, we use the Divi Theme Builder to create custom themes and designs for your WordPress site.

WordPress Migrations

If you are migrating your site or blog away from another CMS to WordPress, our team can help move your assets and ensure a smooth migration.

WordPress Updates

From version updates to plugins and bug fixes, we can check that your website is buttoned up and running at an optimal capacity.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

As core web vitals become more important, our team can help ensure that your website is passing page speed and mobile usability audits.

Who Needs a WordPress Developer?

If your website is on WordPress, at some point you will need a developer. Whether it is to make cosmetic fixes or technical updates, there are some things on WordPress that are not easily done on your own.

Take advantage of the most popular CMS in the world with WordPress Development from NextLeft!

At NextLeft, we practice what we preach. Our own website is on WordPress and we know all the intricacies and benefits of the CMS because we use it every day.

If your business needs development or design help on WordPress, contact us today and ask about our development services!