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Website Migration Services

Website Migration Services

If you are thinking of migrating your website to another CMS or theme, you need a plan in place. From wrangling all of your URLs, to ensuring that pages and content are brought over properly, there can be plenty to account for over the course of the migration. That said, one of the number one issues we see are migrations without any concern for the ramifications. If done improperly, a migration gone wrong can have severe consequences on traffic, user experience and your brand prescence online. This is where NextLeft can help!

What Is a Website Migration?

In short, a site migration is simply the term used to describe how you can change your website’s platform, domain or CMS. Any time you perform a migration, it’s paramount to focus on the technical and strategic aspects that ensure all your data effectively migrates too. Click here for a website migration checkist!

The Components of a Successful Site Migration

Website Migration Services at NextLeft

We know that website migrations are no easy task. We pride ourselves on our focus on SEO as we help clients successfully and safely migrate their sites. We’ll make sure your content and the authority you’ve worked hard for stays intact throughout the entire process.

It’s no secret that SEO can be a difficult, daunting and time-consuming task to take on yourself. There are a lot of moving parts: keyword research, optimized content creation, best practice and search engine preferences that are continuously changing, constant analysis and reanalysis, and more…

When it comes to site migrations, without skilled expertise and knowhow, one simple misstep can have disastrous results.

All the money, effort and time you invested into your SEO to earn that high ranking can disappear in seconds if mistakes are made during migration. But SEO isn’t the only thing you need to focus on during site migrations.


You also must pay close attention to your content before and after a migration. From mapping URLs to cross checking internal and external links, even small sites have a lot of content to keep track of. If you need a team to help you with all of this, contact NextLeft today!