“We’ve seen our traffic and sales increase exponentially. When looking at the graphs of our growth, it’s quite obvious how well our engagement with NextLeft has paid off.”

– Senior Marketing Manager, Hallmark, Inc.
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Case Study Overview

Legendary brand Hallmark is the largest and oldest manufacturer of greeting cards in the United states and was founded in Kansas City, MO in 1910.

The cutting edge eCards group works with NextLeft to continually increase it’s visibility and accessibility in the search engines as well as collaborate on promotion and content marketing strategies. 


Content marketing planning, content calendars and digital strategy plans were produced to gain top national rankings for keywords including: eCards, Online Greeting Cards, Birthday eCards and thousands more.


Technical SEO including complex sitemap optimizations, schema, page speed, on page url handling, and new site development.


Results generated include increased answer box wins and ranking which resulted in growth of traffic and user engagement. Sustained rankings and increased organic traffic valued at $200k+ per month.


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