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Defining An Omni-Channel Marketing Approach

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

As marketers, we live in an exciting time where the consumer purchase path is shifting. It’s now more important than ever for your brand to be present, your message to be clear, and your voice to be consistent.

Paid Media, or any form of advertising with a cost associated, is an efficient and effective way to reach consumers at every stage of the purchase path. Each tactic that falls under Paid Media, whether it’s Display Advertising, PPC, Retargeting, Video Ads, or the return of Native Advertising, helps to deliver your brand message in a way that attracts consumers, increases awareness & leads to conversions.

When you think of Earned Media, or free media as it’s sometimes known, SEO, Local Search, Content Marketing and Online Reputation Management should come to mind as common marketing tactics that effectively put your brand in front of consumers in the best possible light, at the most precise moment of relevance.

As the only component of marketing that you completely control, Owned Media including your Brand Strategy, Social Media presence, company website & landing pages, videos and more can be leveraged to create an meaningful brand experience that leads to conversions.

While the individual tactics of Paid, Earned and Owned Media no doubt have a positive impact on your business, when you strategically combine all three, you gain deeper insight into your target audience. When you strategically optimize all three, you create an omni-channel approach that moves your business forward. When you successfully leverage all three, your digital ambitions become true business results.

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