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Optimized Press Releases Drive Targeted Traffic

Optimized Press Release

A press release is a to-the-point, concise piece of information given to the media for publication. A reliable third party saying something positive about a business is far better than a company going hoarse about its own excellence.

Press releases are not to be overlooked as an Internet marketing tool.

Everyone knows media has a tremendous effect on client opinion. Therefore, if used judiciously, press releases are an economical way of increasing web traffic, enhanced trading, and gaining credibility and acknowledgement in the industry as well as by customers. They are also very useful tools for creating link popularity.

Reasons to Release Press Statements:

It is best to come up with a press release anytime your business adds to industry growth, or reaches a major milestone worthy of syndication. Some of the events that call for a press release are organizing seminars or workshops, holding tradeshows, coming up with new ideas and technology, re-launching your web site, promoting global causes, receiving an award, or bringing aboard new business partners or executives.

Press Release Optimization:

Although frequently overlooked, a superbly optimized press release in the form of full-length articles or even a one-liner can give a company an edge over its competitors. It is no wonder then that we pay special attention when developing a press release. Just like creating a successful advertising campaign, the content of a press release is noticeable, innovative, and resourceful to its readers. First, create optimized copy that immediately grabs viewer attention and is compelling enough to drive them to your web site seeking more information.

Not an Up-front Sales Tool:

Unlike a marketing campaign though, any inclusion of a sales pitch will mean omission of the press release from the media. Therefore follow the style that reporters adopt to develop their stories. First gather all the facts and detailed information about the topic for which you want to send a press release. Then, study this data carefully and identify its superiority in the industry and usefulness to the users. Now, use all this information to create copy, beginning with the most important information appearing in the first few sentences, followed by relevant supporting information or statistics. An extraordinary introduction is an instant attention grabber and makes the reader take notice of the remaining write up.

A remarkable beginning by itself is insufficient.

Readers start reading an article only when its headline generates an interest in them. Copywriters must ensure that once created, a press release has a creative headline enticing viewers to read the article. Gather all these different elements of the news release and put them together in a journalistic approach complete with additional information and impartial presentation of facts. To facilitate the readers to easily get in touch with you for more information or other queries, include your contact information. Including contact information has the additional advantage of representing the openness of a business.

Publishing a Press Release Online:

To publish a press release on the Internet, identify the web publication best suited to your business. For example, media release about a local mortgage company will generate maximum response if published in the local newspaper’s online real estate section or the realty supplement of a bigger periodical. In this manner, you will target an audience, which is already interested in related services and much more open to accepting the information you provide.

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